Nafis Ara Co Pjs was born in 1995 and since then has continued to act as one of the pioneer companies in distribution of industrial electrical components in Iran.

Nafis Ara has always strived to improve its performance and sales network through expansive market coverage and professional perspective and attitude toward its structures. Today, Nafis Ara is mainly focused on sales of automation and low voltage and medium voltage switch gear products like electro mechanical relays, solid state relays, control and monitoring relay, timers, Ac contactors, MCB, MCCB, MPCB and power factor correction equipment.
Customer satisfaction and business integrity have always been our mottos and top priorities. Our experienced and well-trained team offers the best services to its clients. We always are here to attend to our customers’ needs in shortest possible time. With more than three-decade market presence, Nafis Ara is a trusted name in Iranian industrial electrical market

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